Parisian lives : a novel


Parisian lives : a novel
Samuel M. Steward (1909-1993) was, amongst other things, an academic, a novelist, a pornographer and a tattoo artist. During the 1930s, he befriended writer Gertrude Stein and her partner Alice B. Toklas. Both feature in this novel, which follows their painter protégé, Francis Rose (fictionalised as Arthur Lyly), in Paris just prior to the Second World War. The first paragraph sets a tone which blends fact and fiction, highlighting an ambiguity that was typical of Steward and which can also be seen in his writings under the pseudonym Phil Andros, some of which were also seized during the ‘Operation Tiger’ raids. Written and edited over a thirty-year period, this novel was published in 1984 by Michael Denneny at St. Martin’s Press.
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